Forest Hills Rinse O' Blue Laundromat
Rinse O' Blue 'See How Clean They Are, Smell How Fresh They Are!
Established in 2023

- Bob Chavies 4/26/2024
"My wife and I have been going here for several months....I gotta say...I grew up with the notion that laundromats were undesirable places BUT this one is a winner. The facility is bright, clean (when the older lady is on duty-what a treasure she is) warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The app makes paying a breeze...costs aren't too much considering the world we live in. I go close to opening time so there's little to no crowd, I'm in and out and haven't yet had to worry or be concerned about anything or anyone else in there. Doin wash has become a non-chore for me. 👏🏼 I've since learned the ladies name is Janet...gotta tell you, if it weren't for her the place wouldn't be worth it. She keeps everything so neat, organized, clean and she looks out for her customers."